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Hannya 「般若」17-09
Looks like I'm left with 46 days... ._ .

To start off... A cool pose of my Hannya with the Grand Slam from PG Strike. :D

The moddings are coming in nicely...
Been drawing lots of concept art as I work on the actual model itself.
Some portions of the modding just came naturally when I work on it.

While some are inspiration from other models that are already made.

I kind of liked how Bandai designed the waist armour for the MG Astray.

Credits to

I got inspired by it and came out my own version of the cut.

didn't have another Astray, used the bonus transparent part to do the comparison

I also left the center of the waist empty to reveal the interior hydraulics of the waist.

The surgery as follows~

Nevertheless, the results are good... :D

So now, I kind of learnt the art of cutting. But then again, painting's gonna give me hell.

Well basically, that's the main mod today...

I'm also glad to dig out my remainings of the GN-X I used last year.

The skirt and chest armours have been reused!

The rest are just photos shot tonight.

closeup of the head

the chest armour, initially wanna do a tomoe (巴)
but couldn't accurately cut the plastic, so yeah...

out to kill... Amaterasu『天照』[the bow] is coming~

side notes...

tomoe (巴) is a family crest for a certain family in Japan and in many taiko drums these days.
This triple comma tomoe is also known as the mitsu tomoe. Read more...
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